Career Highlights

A few things come to mind...

  • Terri was once referred to by a Radio Program Director, as a chameleon….someone who could instantly grasp the direction the station was headed in and the target demo they were after, and adapt her on-air persona to appeal to that new target... overnight.
    Regardless of the station format or target demo, Terri was consistently rewarded with the highest ratings at each station she worked at... and the stations were varied... Album Oriented Rock, MOR, Top 40 AM, Easy Listening, Rock.
  • Many firsts, including being the first woman to host a major market morning and afternoon drive show in Canada, in the 70's. Was first woman in Toronto to host a morning show again, almost 20 years later!
  • Creator, writer and Host of longest running syndicated feature in Canadian radio history, "Canadian Living". Heard by 1.1 million Canadians daily, the feature ran on over 120 radio stations nationwide - an unprecedented success story and one that has never been repeated in the industry
  • Loved working as a television Host for The Biography Channel and MSNBC. Very knowledgeable and comfortable on a TV set...
  • Writing has become a major part of Terri's broadcasting career and it's something she enjoys immensely. She has written newscasts, commercials, short-form features for radio & TV, content for radio & TV, magazine articles, and programming among other things. Working with Microsoft Word has sure made life easier and saved a lot of time... but more often than not, you'll find Terri with pen and paper... some habits are hard to break ☺